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Maryland Department of Health


Welcome to CovidCONNECT, where those who have experienced COVID can find mental health resources, peer support, and personal stories of COVID and recovery.

The purpose of CovidCONNECT is to provide a resource for Maryland residents who have personal experience with COVID-19 – whether you have had the disease, or COVID impacted your life in other ways such as employment. Perhaps you nursed someone, or lost someone, who had COVID-19. Here you can read the personal experiences of Marylanders who have had Covid as well as those who have worked with COVID patients as contact tracers.

We wish you continued health and wellness, and thank you for your participation

CovidCONNECT Webinar Series

Join us every other Thursday for the CovidCONNECT Webinar Series. Developed in partnership with NAMI Maryland and other stakeholders, these presentations include speakers who cover topics on mental health, wellness and recovery. These webinars are curated specifically for Marylanders who have been impacted by COVID-19. Registration is required. 

Webinars take place select Thursdays at 5 p.m.

Laughing Through a Crisis: Does it Help?



Presenter: Deborah Rawlings

Summary: Laughing Through a Crisis will introduce participants to the idea of intentionally using laughter as a coping tool. The idea is to help increase feelings of well-being, recognizing the use of it does not magically make feelings of loss, emotional pain and other life struggles disappear. In addition to providing information about laughter, the use of laughter exercises will be introduced, and participants will be encouraged to participate. 

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