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Maryland Department of Health


Welcome to CovidCONNECT

A website to discover resources, stay current on the newest information and find support
The purpose of CovidCONNECT is to provide a resource for Maryland residents who have personal experience with COVID-19 – whether through having the disease yourself, or having it impact your life in other ways. Perhaps you nursed someone, or lost someone, who had COVID-19. Here you can read testimonials from other Marylanders who have had Covid, discover clinical trials in which you may be eligible to participate, educate yourself on the newest Covid-related information, and connect with others who have also suffered personal impact in this pandemic.

We wish you continued health and wellness, and thank you for your participation


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Clinical Studies


Virtual Support Groups

Virtual support groups are available through CovidCONNECT. We encourage you to join a session to talk with other Marylanders who have had COVID-19. Trained peer facilitators host small groups twice a month. We will send an invitation with details and login information for those interested in connecting with others and talking about the challenges of recovering from COVID-19. If you have questions or requests about virtual support groups and related resources, please email

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Meeting Dates:

CovidCONNECT Webinar Series

Join us every other Thursday for the CovidCONNECT Webinar Series. Developed in partnership with NAMI Maryland and other stakeholders, these presentations include speakers who cover topics on mental health, wellness and recovery. These webinars are curated specifically for Marylanders who have been impacted by COVID-19. Registration is required. 

Webinars take place select Thursdays at 5 p.m.

Coping with bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic



Presenter: Dr. Alison Athey 

Summary: This presentation will provide an overview of the bereavement process. We will discuss special challenges that come up when loved ones die in traumatic or stigmatized ways (e.g., by suicide or accidental overdose). Strategies and resources that promote healthy grief will be reviewed.

The Myths and Truths of Teen Suicide and Substance Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Presenter: Dr. Kizzy D. Pittrell 

Summary: Dr. Kizzy D. Pittrell will explore the myths and truths of teen suicide and substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Pittrell will review the biological and psychological risk factors associated with teen suicide and substance use while also providing critical information on what parents/caregivers need to know to better support youth during these difficult times.

Registration link to come.

Navigating the Return to School in COVID-19: How to Support Our Children and Teens During Uncertain Times



Presenter: Dr. Miri Rosen

Summary: Dr. Miri Rosen will discuss the unique mental health challenges facing our children as they return to school during COVID-19. We will discuss the impact of COVID on children’s mental health and how providers and families can support children during the transition back to school. We will give special consideration to school refusal as well as trauma and anxiety disorders in the time of COVID.

Registration link to come.

Advance Care Medical Planning: What You Need to Know and Why



Presenter: Dr. Dan Morhaim

Summary: The realities of 21st century medicine allow us to make key decisions about end-of-life care that bring empowerment, respect for individual values, and comfort for ourselves and our families — if we choose to do so. Our speaker will take us through today’s medical, legal, and financial maze and, with practical advice, guide us toward choices that we make for ourselves.

Registration link to come.