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Maryland Department of Health


Contact Tracers

Thousands of Marylanders across the state answered the call to work with COVID-19 patients during this unprecedented public health emergency, acting as contact tracers. They reached out to more than one million residents with advice, resources, and a listening ear. Here are their stories.

Irving Gaither

“I have worked with people whose loved ones have passed away from COVID and it’s not easy. I always try to take that into each call that I’m making. I could be calling somebody who’s going through a difficult time.”

~ Irving Gaither

Kim Ryan

“I thought to myself, could this be so big that we could be shutting down? Like the rest of the country and the world, I was in fear of losing a lot. So I started learning all that I could about contact tracing – and thought this is how I can still help people.”

~ Kim Ryan

Norberto Morales

“I don’t want to sound like a robot, I want to treat them like people. I talk to them with the script the same way I would talk to them if we were meeting in real life –  just keep it down to earth.”

~ Norberto Morales