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Maryland Department of Health


COVID Experiences

Across Maryland, those who have personal experience with COVID-19 — who have recovered, lost loved ones, or have worked on the front lines with patients — have important experiences to share with us all.  These personal experiences have been gathered from people who have had COVID, as well as contact tracers across Maryland. 

Please return often as we continue to add to our conversations with people who have personal insight and experience with COVID-19.

Working to help Marylanders with COVID

Contact Tracers: An Oral History

Thousands of Marylanders have answered the call to become contact tracers since 2020, offering resources and support to nearly one million people with COVID and helping to slow the spread of the pandemic. Here are some of their stories.

Living with COVID-19

Dawn Kelly: Getting Past COVID

People of all ages have had COVID, some with lasting health impacts. Dawn Kelly is one of them, and here is her story.