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Maryland Department of Health


COVID Experiences

Across Maryland, those who have personal experience with COVID-19 — who have recovered, lost loved ones, or are still suffering from the virus — have important experiences to share with us all.  We are gathering personal experiences of COVID-19 from across Maryland to  highlight the impact of this pandemic from the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland.

Dawn Kelly

“I am so privileged that my insurance was able to cover home oxygen, because I used it all the time for the next two months.” ~ Dawn Kelly

Marsha Bell

“I lost my husband, I have been desperately sick, and I am isolated and alone because people have an irrational fear that I will infect them.” ~ Marsha Bell

Allen Lights

“I was in so much pain, like every bone and part was in agony. I was sucking down oxygen for about four weeks— 6-10 liters a day.”   ~Allen Lights

Ken Smith

“Once I started coughing I couldn’t stop, sometimes for 40 or 45 minutes I would be going. It was exhausting.”     ~ Ken Smith

Christina Cortez

“I have been told that I am faking it because I don’t want to work. People said my tests were false positives. How could I fake this?”