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Krista's Story

Krista Bozman
Wicomico County

“I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why I am alive, and George is not. ” ~ Krista Bozman

Krista, 57, admits she is in the very early stages of grief. In September, she lost her “beloved and best friend” George to Covid-19 and her life will never be the same.

George, 64, was in better shape than most 30-year-olds. “He rode his bike 75 miles a week or more, and was part of a cycling group here on the Eastern Shore called ‘Let it Roll’,” Krista said. 

George was African American, and as the couple watched the toll the pandemic was taking on communities of color. “We were both horrified and mystified,” Krista said. They both took precautions throughout the spring and summer—wearing a mask at all times and keeping to themselves.

On September 22, George complained of fever and chills. The next day he went to the hospital and was immediately put on oxygen and admitted to the Covid Unit. “I spoke with him on September 24 in the morning and he was happy that he had been walking, and doing breathing exercises,” Krista recalled. “According to the doctor, he would go home Monday or Tuesday.”

At around 8 that night, George suffered respiratory problems and went to the ICU.  By 9 p.m. Krista was at the hospital because the situation had turned critical. “When I got there I watched them perform CPR on George, but I knew when I saw him that it was over.  I saw how hard they tried, I saw the exhaustion and frustration in their faces,” Krista said.

According to the doctors, George’s oxygen levels rapidly declined and then he suffered cardiac arrest.  They suspected a blood clot. “Five days before he died he rode his bike 35 miles,” Krista said of the speed with which it all happened.

She was quarantined and 13 days later had a few days of feeling “like hell,” with a fever, sore throat and persistent cough. “I am working out and riding my bike again, and my doctor thinks I will be fine.”

Fine, however, is relative. Krista has recovered her health, but will never recover what she has lost to this pandemic. “I am still waiting for George to walk through the door so that we can do all the things we had planned to do. Covid took a father, a grandfather, a volunteer and my best friend.”